UNESCO: Outstanding Universal Value of the Wet Tropics of Queensland

A slightly more formal piece than most throughout the site but we felt it was useful to provide summary of the criteria that...

Conservation of Cape York Peninsula Unique Flora and Fauna

editors note: During the mid-1990s I was honoured to act as National Campaign Director for the Wilderness Society (TWS) so I have an abiding interest...

History, Industry and Environment of Spectacular Cape York Peninsula

Discover the captivating and diverse Cape York Peninsula in northeastern Queensland, Australia. Immerse yourself in its indigenous heritage, thriving cattle industry, mining history, and breathtaking natural wonders. Plan your journey and be prepared for an adventure with a 4WD vehicle, extra fuel, and water containers.

Atherton Tablelands Backgrounder for Visitors to this Stunning Region

Discover the diverse landscapes, cultural heritage, and ecological significance of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia. From ancient rainforests to volcanic crater lakes, this region offers a rich blend of attractions and a deep connection to Aboriginal culture. Explore the biodiversity, beauty, and sustainability of this unique destination. #AthertonTablelands #ecotourism #Australia

Plant Evolution in a Wet Tropics Rainforest

Discover the incredible Wet Tropics Rainforest in northeastern Australia, a living timeline of 3.5 billion years of Earth's evolutionary history. Protecting this ecological jewel is vital for preserving our planet's biodiversity and ancient heritage. #WetTropics #Rainforest #EvolutionaryHistory


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