Dorrigo National Park: New South Wales’ Subtropical Retreat


Dorrigo National Park is a small subtropical and dense forest filled with native wildlife. It is  only 1 hour from Coffs Harbour, yet if feels as if you are stepping into a different world. In this World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest you will find breathtaking waterfall walks, picnic spots and excellent birdwatching.

One of the highlights of Dorrigo is its myriad of walking trails. As you wander through the forest, you’ll be surrounded by majestic trees like the sassafras, red cedar, and coachwood. The soft sunlight filtering through their vast canopies casts an ethereal glow on the forest floor. The only sounds accompanying you are the rustling of leaves, melodious bird calls, and the soothing murmur of distant streams. Armed with binoculars, you might catch a glimpse of vibrant parrots or the lyrebirds. And if you’re fortunate, some marsupials might grace your path.

No visit to the park is complete without stopping by the Forest Sky Pier. This observation deck provides a sweeping view of the surroundings – from the quaint Dorrigo township to the shimmering coastline. Whether you’re there at the break of dawn or during a fiery sunset, the vista is unforgettable.

Nearby, the lively city of Coffs Harbour beckons. Affectionately termed ‘Coffs’ by its residents, it’s a playground for those who love the outdoors. From serene coastal strolls to intense bushwalks, Coffs Harbour promises adventure. A short trip north takes you to Emerald Beach, where kangaroos casually roam and lounge, providing delightful photo ops against the backdrop of golden sands.

If you’re plotting a visit to Dorrigo National Park, ensure you’ve got comfortable walking shoes and are ready for a sprinkle of rain – though even a brief shower can result in a beautiful rainbow.


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