Mount Remarkable National Park: A Spectacular South Australian Escape


 Just 238 km north of Adelaide, Mount Remarkable National Park is a perfect city escape. It spans around 186 square kilometers in the Southern Flinders Ranges and is easily accessible through the town of Melrose.

It was named by explorer Edward John Eyre in 1840 and declared a national park in 1972. It is dotted with archaeological sites reflecting the traditional owners, the Nukunu people’s, deep understanding of the natural world and celestial bodies.

The wonder of Mount Remarkable National Park

A hike in the park is a journey through diverse landscapes – eucalyptus woodlands, rugged mountains, deep gorges, and tranquil creeks, all teeming with life. The Mount Remarkable Summit is a key highlight, offering panoramic vistas, as do the Alligator and Hidden Gorges, renowned for their towering cliffs and quiet beauty.

While strolling, expect to be greeted by a brilliant display of wildflowers in spring. Beyond flora, the park is a refuge for the grey kangaroo, emu, and over 100 bird species, offering endless wildlife spotting opportunities. The elusive yellow-footed rock-wallaby, once on the brink, now thrives here thanks to robust conservation efforts.

The park is a hiker’s paradise with trails for all levels, including the famous Heysen Trail. Besides hiking, visitors can enjoy bird watching, picnicking, photography, and scenic drives. For a refreshing dip, Mambray Creek is the go-to spot in warmer months.

For more detailed information on park regulations, visit schedules, and more, kindly refer to the South Australian National Parks official website. 

Mount Remarkable National Park Management Plan

Mount Remarkable National Park Species courtesy of INaturalist

Mount Remarkable National Park Species courtesy of INaturalist
Mount Remarkable National Park Species courtesy of INaturalist

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