Perth: The Capital Heart of Western Australia


The vibrant state capital of Western Australia, Perth, is renowned for being Australia’s sunniest city. It effortlessly combines a relaxed beach town atmosphere with the bustling energy of a metropolis. Situated between the tranquil Swan River and the impressive southwest coast, the city serves as a cultural hub with a distinctive character all of its own.

Stirring Pert City Skyline. Credit Tourism Western Australia

We have spent a bit of time there over the years and it is fair to say that Western Australians are friendly and enterprising with many seeming to believe that Western Australia should be an independent country with Perth as it’s capital! Fitness and wellbeing are in evidence everywhere around Perth and it is useful to keep out a wary eye to avoid being run over by one of the many joggers and cyclists!

Visitors can experience the laid-back beach town vibes on Perth’s pristine beaches, which offer a perfect spot for sunbathing, surfing, or just enjoying the sea breeze. At the same time, the bustling urban energy is evident in the city’s dynamic skyline, innovative architecture, and the vibrant street life that hums with vitality. This dynamic fusion gives Perth its unique personality and charm.

A diverse array of attractions ensures there is something for every taste. Whether you are a lover of the arts, a foodie in search of culinary adventures, a shopaholic on the hunt for unique finds, or a nature enthusiast seeking out stunning landscapes, Perth offers an enticing blend of experiences that cater to every visitor.


The Perth Mint

Perth Mint
Perth Mint

The Perth Mint offers tours to learn about the history of gold and the minting process, including a display of a massive gold coin.

The Perth Mint was stablished on 20 June 1899 as a subsidiary of the Royal Mint in the UK, primarily to mint gold sovereigns and gold bullion bars. Now owned by the WA state government since 1970, it plays a crucial role in the global precious metals industry, refining a significant portion of Australia’s gold and silver. It offers a range of services and products, including minting of legal tender coins, bullion trading, and investment products.

Kings Park

Kings Park Perth
Kings Park Perth

Kings Park is one of the largest inner-city parks globally, sprawling over 400.6 hectares. It is a significant cultural and natural landmark, offering panoramic views of the Perth city skyline and the Swan River. The park is renowned for its conservation of native bushland, housing 326 species of native plants and over 70 bird species. It also features cultivated gardens, recreational areas, memorials, and playgrounds.

The park is a vital cultural site for the Aboriginal people and offers guided cultural tours that delve into Indigenous heritage. The Western Australian Botanic Garden within Kings Park showcases the state’s flora, focusing exclusively on Western Australia’s native plants. Visitors can engage in various activities, including picnics, walks, and attending events like concerts and outdoor cinema screenings.

The park also hosts the annual Kings Park Festival, celebrating the blooming of wildflowers. Amenities include cafes, BBQ facilities, and the Aspects of Kings Park retail store, with free guided walks available to enhance visitor experiences

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is a vibrant waterfront precinct located on the banks of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. It is a hub for both locals and tourists, offering an array of attractions and activities. Visitors can explore various points of interest, specialty shops, and enjoy the scenic views of the river and city. Elizabeth Quay features the island playground, BHP Billiton Water Park, public artwork, and promenades. It hosts bars, restaurants, and offers various river cruises that connect to Swan Valley, Fremantle, and Rottnest Island.

Accessible by public transport, it’s a short walk from the Elizabeth Quay Train and Bus Port, with the free blue CAT bus providing easy access. Other activities include Segway tours, the Little Ferry Co, and Gondola on the Swan, making it a lively spot for entertainment throughout the year.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Art Gallery of Western Australia offers a broad range of genres for visitors

Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA), located in the Perth Cultural Centre, was established in 1895 and has become a significant institution in the state. Housed in a building that includes the former Police Quarters and a Main Gallery Building completed in 1977, AGWA features an array of Western Australian, Indigenous, and international art pieces. Its collections span from the 1820s to the 1960s, with a strong focus on Indigenous art from Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

AGWA is also known for the Desert River Sea project, highlighting Indigenous Australian art from the Kimberley region. The gallery hosts the Lester Prize, one of Australia’s most prestigious portraiture awards.

Plans for redeveloping its rooftop to accommodate events and restaurants were announced in 2017, showcasing AGWA’s commitment to evolving and enhancing visitor experiences. The gallery is a central part of Perth’s cultural life, offering a range of exhibitions and public programs

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach a popular destination for locals and visitors alike

Cottesloe Beach, located in Perth, is a renowned beach recognized for its golden sand and clear waters, making it ideal for various activities like swimming, sunbathing, and beach sports. It caters to a diverse crowd, including families, youngsters, and tourists. The beach is monitored by lifeguards and equipped with shark nets to ensure safety.

Visitors can find ample amenities such as restrooms, changing facilities, cafes, and ice cream shops. While parking is available, it tends to fill up quickly, especially on weekends.

The beach is also known for its cultural events like the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. Additionally, North Cottesloe Beach, a segment of the main beach, is famous for its vibrant youth scene. Cottesloe Beach serves as a focal point for community and leisure, drawing both locals and visitors to enjoy its natural beauty and recreational offering.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison. Credit Marc Russo via Wikipedia commons

Fremantle Prison, located in Western Australia, was initially built as a convict barracks in the 19th century and was operational until 1991. This historic site witnessed various significant events, including hangings, floggings, dramatic escapes, and riots. It housed a diverse group of inmates, ranging from imperial convicts to maximum-security detainees.

The prison’s foundation was laid by convict labor using limestone quarried on-site, and it evolved over time to accommodate the growing needs of the penal system, especially during the gold rush and World War II. After concerns about its conditions and following a royal commission recommendation, Fremantle Prison was decommissioned in 1991.

Today, it stands as a preserved heritage site, offering various guided tours to educate visitors about its rich and complex history. – A Brief History | Fremantle Prison

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo entrance
Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is home to over 1,200 animals from over 150 species, known for conservation and research efforts

The zoo is accessible via various transportation modes: public transport with bus routes 30 and 31 from Perth CBD, ferries from Elizabeth Quay Jetty, and by car with paid parking available on-site. For those preferring eco-friendly travel options, cycling and walking paths are also available.

Native animals and from around the world on display at Perth Zoo

Visitors are encouraged to allocate at least half a day to explore the zoo thoroughly, though a full day is recommended to fully experience all the exhibits and programs offered. Highlights include animal close encounters, educational programs for children and youth, and a variety of unique events throughout the year

Perth Zoo is located at 20 Labouchere Road, South Perth, WA 6151. It operates every day of the year from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, including public holidays, and hosts special evening events periodically. – Visitor Information

 Shop and Dine in the Heart of the City

Hay Street Mall Perth
Hay Street Mall Perth

Perth’s city center boasts a vast array of shopping and dining options. High-end fashion boutiques line the chic King Street, while the bustling Murray and Hay Street Malls offer a range of retail experiences catering to all tastes and budgets. From luxury labels to local crafts, shopping in Perth provides a myriad of opportunities to bag a memorable find.

Culinary adventurers will delight in the city’s gastronomic landscape, reflecting the cultural diversity of its residents. Waterfront dining at Elizabeth Quay offers an elegant ambiance, Northbridge’s eclectic restaurants serve a multitude of global cuisines, and the proliferating food truck culture provides quick, delicious bites on the go.

From shopping to dining, Perth offers an engaging urban experience. Its rich cultural diversity is reflected in its retail and culinary scenes, ensuring a satisfying excursion for every visitor.

Vibrant Nightlife in Perth

Lots of nightlife options in Perth

When the sun sets, Perth transforms into a lively city with a wide array of nightlife options. The city’s pubs, clubs, and rooftop bars each provide unique atmospheres and stunning views, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quiet evening or a pulsating night of music and dance, Perth has you covered.

The revitalized East End of the city and the popular Northbridge area are hotspots for live music and craft cocktails. These areas offer a mix of local and international acts, providing visitors with a pulsating night of entertainment.

Perth’s nightlife offers an exciting mix of experiences, from high-energy dance clubs to laid-back lounges, ensuring an unforgettable night out. Its nightlife scene is as diverse as its daytime attractions, proving that Perth is indeed a city that never sleeps.

Perth Festivals

Perth Festival
Perth Festival. Theatre, music, the arts

Perth Festival is a major cultural event that showcases a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, and events. It usually takes place in February and offers an incredible array of artistic experiences.

FRINGE WORLD is an annual festival held in Perth from January 20 to February 19. It features a wide variety of performances, including comedy shows, music concerts, theater productions, and visual arts exhibitions.

The Canning Show is an annual agricultural show held in Perth. It features various attractions such as livestock displays, carnival rides, food stalls, and live entertainment.

Fremantle BeerFest is a popular beer festival held in Fremantle, a suburb of Perth. It celebrates the craft beer industry and offers a wide selection of beers from local and international breweries.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival celebrated in Perth. It usually takes place in September or October and features cultural performances, lantern displays, and mooncake tasting.

Wildlands Festival is a summer music festival that brings together renowned artists and performers. It offers a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse range of music genres.

Visit our sister site Festival Australia

Bjork appeared at the Perth Festival in 2023. We know as we were there!

Exploring Beyond Perth

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a significant tourist destination known for its unique wildlife and scenic beauty.

Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, known as Wadjemup to the local Noongar people, is a popular destination off the coast of Western Australia, near Fremantle. The island has a significant Aboriginal history, serving as a prison for Aboriginal prisoners from 1838 to 1902. Today, it’s a vibrant tourist spot known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and unique wildlife, including the famous quokka.

Visitors can engage in various activities like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, and cycling. The island is accessible by ferries departing from Perth and Fremantle, with the journey from Fremantle taking about 30 minutes and from Perth around 90 minutes.

On the island, cycling is a common mode of transportation, given its modest size. There are also educational opportunities to learn about the island’s Aboriginal and colonial history through tours and museums. For dining, several restaurants and cafes offer fresh local seafood and other dishes

Perth and its surroundings represent a perfect blend of urban and natural, laid-back and energetic, and historical and contemporary elements. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant city or venturing out into its picturesque surroundings, Perth promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

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