Seal Bay Conservation Park: The Amazing World of Sea Lions


We visited Seal Bay Conservation Park a few years ago and enjoyed our guided tour was first-class. The Rangers were personable and very knowledgeable and we learnt many new facts about the local ecology and the sea lion population in particular. ed: Kevin Parker

Seal Bay Conservation Park, located on the pristine shores of Kangaroo Island, 155 kilometers south of Adelaide, promises a unique encounter with Australia’s sea life, especially sea lions. A ferry ride from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island and a scenic drive bring you to this wildlife haven. 

Look. Enjoy. But do not get too close!

Here, you can walk among Australia’s third-largest sea lion colony on a clean beach, gaining insight into these amazing creatures’ behaviors and habitats, all while surrounded by clear waters and white sands. Beyond its famous sea lions, the park is home to echidnas, kangaroos, and a diverse array of birds including the rainbow lorikeet and the elusive glossy black cockatoo. The park’s flora reflects South Australia’s unique ecology, featuring dense mallee scrub and coastal plant communities that provide vital habitats for local wildlife.

The park offers guided beach tours for an informative exploration of sea lions’ social dynamics and their critical ecological role. Besides tours, you can stroll along a boardwalk, enjoy bird-watching, or photograph the stunning landscape and wildlife. However, to preserve the sea lions’ habitat, swimming is not allowed.

Deep cultural values infuse Seal Bay Conservation Park. The Ngarrindjeri and Narungga people hold Kangaroo Island, or Karta, as a significant part of their heritage. Visitors are encouraged to engage respectfully, acknowledging the land’s traditional custodians and learning about diverse cultural practices. This cultural awareness enhances the park as more than a scenic destination, transforming it into a gateway to understanding the intricate connections between people, land, and spirituality.

For more details on your visit, check the South Australian National Parks website. 

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