The Beautiful Red Gums of Murray River National Park


Murray River National Park is located about 240 km northeast of Adelaide, South Australia, the park stretches along the Murray River, Australia’s longest river. Established in June 1991, it is divided into six separate areas: Katarapko, Lyrup Flats, Kingston-on-Murray, Paringa Paddock, Gurra Gurra, and Bulyong Island, all separated by towns.

Covering more than 14,879 hectares, it offers a wide range of activities like walking, biking, canoeing, bird watching, and bush camping. Designated camping areas, with toilets in selected spots and parking facilities, make it easy to plan a trip. There’s also a self-guided drive.

Murray Valley National Park Red Gums
Murray River National Park Red Gums

The park’s landscapes offer a kaleidoscope of colors, from lush forests to golden sandy banks. Visitors can see kangaroos grazing at dawn or dusk and observe over 140 species of birds, including vibrant rosellas and cockatoos. It’s also a significant site for the local Ngawait Aboriginal people, offering visitors a chance to learn about their culture and history through various marked sites.

Majestic River Red Gums dominate the park, towering above a diverse understorey of shrubs and grasses that provide shelter and nourishment for a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, and echidnas. More than 50 species of waterbirds inhabit the park’s wetlands, and the river itself is home to native fish like the Murray cod and the golden perch.

Beyond observing flora and fauna, visitors can explore the park by canoe or kayak, walk its extensive trails, or try their hand at fishing. Camping under the stars surrounded by nature’s soundtrack is another option for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the park’s beauty.


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