A Brief Look at Western Australia’s Golden Outback


Ten Things to Do in the Golden Outback

Map of the Golden Outback
Map of the Golden Outback
  1. Wave Rock: A significant granite rock formation near Hyden, approximately 15 meters high and 100 meters long, shaped by erosion. It offers panoramic views from the top [1].
  2. Rainbow Lakes near Esperance: These lakes change color between pink, green, and yellow depending on the season and can be viewed from scenic flights [1].
  3. Kennedy Range National Park: Known for its gorges and red rock landscapes, it’s ideal for activities like 4WDing, hiking, and bushwalking [1].
  4. Lake Ballard’s Outdoor Art Gallery: Features 51 life-sized steel sculptures by artist Antony Gormley scattered across the salt lake [1].
  5. Walga Rock: Home to the largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings in WA within a cave in the monolith [1].
  6. Lucky Bay near Cape Le Grand National Park: Known for its white sand beach and kangaroos along the shore [1].
  7. Mount Augustus (Burringurrah): The world’s largest monocline, located in the Gascoyne Murchison region, is twice the size of Uluru [1].
  8. Tin Horse Highway: A 15km road lined with horse sculptures near Kulin town in the Wheatbelt region [1].
  9. Kalgoorlie’s Superpit: One of the largest open-cut gold mines in the world [1].
  10. PUBLIC Silo Art Trail: Links rural towns across southern WA with large-scale murals on silos [2].

Waxing Lyrical About the Golden Outback

Beyond the coastal allure of Western Australia, a vast, otherworldly terrain known as the Golden Outback stretches into the horizon. This region, a landscape of stark allure and rich chronicles, beckons the intrepid and those enchanted by historical lore. At its core, the city of Kalgoorlie, a testament to the state’s auriferous legacy, narrates the saga of the 1890s gold frenzy. Kalgoorlie, alongside its conjoined counterpart Boulder, burgeoned under the allure of opulence and thriving fortunes.

Contemporary explorers can immerse themselves in bygone eras at the Western Australian Museum – Kalgoorlie-Boulder, a treasure trove of goldfield relics, or amble through the town, where edifices still wear the architectural finery of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The city is also the custodian of the Super Pit, a gargantuan open-cut gold mine. This mammoth excavation, stretching 3.5 kilometers in length, 1.5 kilometers across, and plunging over 600 meters deep, presents an awe-inspiring spectacle. The Super Pit Lookout offers a vantage point where colossal trucks, akin to two-story buildings, are seen maneuvering the depths. For a more profound understanding of the mining vocation, guided tours elucidate the intricacies of gold extraction and its historical context.

Venturing further into the Golden Outback, one encounters Western Australia’s arresting natural tableaus. Among these is Wave Rock near Hyden, a phenomenal granite formation that mimics a colossal wave poised to crash. This sculptural marvel, 15 meters in height and extending 110 meters in length, owes its unique formation to eons of weathering and erosion. Ascending the rock, visitors are rewarded with sweeping vistas of the encompassing bushland, and nearby curiosities like Hippo’s Yawn, a geological marvel resembling a slumberous hippopotamus, invite further exploration.

Australia’s Golden Outback Website

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