The Stunning Art Gallery of Western Australia


The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA), located in Perth, was established in 1895 and has evolved into a premier cultural institution. Its main building, opened in 1979 and designed by Charles Sierakowski, is recognized for its late Brutalist architecture.

AGWA houses over 18,000 works, including significant collections of Indigenous art and Western Australian art spanning various periods. AGWA exhibits provide a wide-ranging view of artistic expression, from photographic realism to abstractionism, including various media and themes.

It hosts the annual Year 12 Perspectives exhibition and the prestigious Lester Prize for Portraiture.

AGWA new Rooftop
AGWA new Rooftop

Designed by Perth-based firm TAG Architects and Sydney firm fjmt, the galleries new Rooftop is the largest, commercially-available rooftop venue in Perth, accommodating up to 500 people. bringing art and entertainment together against Perth’s beautiful city skyline.


In the Gallery of Australian Art, you’ll find a mix of Indigenous, colonial, and modern works. Pieces like Albert Namatjira’s “Gosse Bluff and Pound” and Sidney Nolan’s “Ned Kelly” series reflect Australia’s diverse heritage.

Move to the Historical European Art gallery to see European masterpieces from the Renaissance to the 19th century. Here, you can admire Jan van Goyen’s “View on the Rhine” and Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s “The Milkmaid’s Family.”

The Contemporary Art gallery is next, featuring innovative works by local and global artists. This space, with art like Patricia Piccinini’s “The Skywhale,” pushes boundaries and sparks dialogue.

In the Indigenous Art gallery, explore the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Art like Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s “Big Yam Dreaming” and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri’s “Warlugulong” highlights the deep connection to ancestral lands.

The Asian Art gallery takes you through the rich artistic traditions of Asia, from ancient ceramics to modern pieces. See Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and Fang Lijun’s vibrant “Untitled.”

Last is the New Acquisitions gallery, showing off the latest additions to the collection. Art like Amrita Hepi‘s “Eyes, Bum, Pussy” and Abdul Abdullah’s “Self-portrait as a Pretty Boy” are on display here, highlighting diverse and emerging artistic voices.


Perth: The Capital Heart of Western Australia

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