Visitor Guide to Kalgoorlie: the Heart of the Golden Outback


Kalgoorlie-Boulder is 596 kilometres (370 miles) inland from Perth via the Great Eastern Highway. You can also fly into Kalgoorlie Airport or reach the city by interstate train or regional bus from Perth. The best way to see the compact city centre and its architectural attractions is on foot. A rental car is a good idea if you want to explore the surrounding landscape. It sits in the heart of the Golden Outback Region of Western Australia.

“It encompasses an area of 95, 575.1 km² and since 1989 stands as the amalgamation of the Town of Kalgoorlie and the Shire of Boulder. Over 30,000 people live in the City and the surrounding region and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle complemented by a diverse natural environment.

The City includes the suburbs of Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Hannans, Karlkurla, Lamington, Piccadilly, Williamstown, South Kalgoorlie, Somerville, West Kalgoorlie, Victory Heights, Broadwood, and South Boulder.” (source

History of Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie was established in 1893 and growing rapidly it soon eclipsed its neighbour Coolgardie, to become the largest settlement in the Eastern Goldfields.

Kalgoorlie–Boulder lies on the traditional lands of the Wangkatja group of peoples. The name “Kalgoorlie” is derived from the Wangai word Karlkurla or Kulgooluh, meaning “place of the silky pears”. The Kaalamaya language is currently spoken by the Kaprun people in and around Kalgoorlie in the eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia. The Kaalamaya people originated from the western Goldfields.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder-city centre
The best way to see the compact city centre is on foot -maybe a cold beer or two on the way!

Economy of Kalgoorlie

Gold! It’s what Kalgoorlie’s economy has been built on since its inception. Alongside this precious metal, the city also delves into the extraction of nickel, lithium, and iron ore, reflecting its vast mineral riches. A significant segment, approximately one-quarter, of Kalgoorlie’s workforce finds employment in these mines. The economic ripple effect of the mining industry is evident throughout the city, not only providing job opportunities but also a considerable revenue through mining royalties.

Local Mining Companies

  • KCGM Operations include the Fimiston Open Pit (Super Pit), Mt Charlotte Underground Mine and the Fimiston and Gidji Processing Plants
  • The Kanowna Belle mine site is situated in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, approximately 18 kilometres northeast of Kalgoorlie.  Open pit mining commenced in 1993, with full underground production achieved in 1998.  The Kanowna Belle operations were acquired by Northern Star in 2014
  • Saltbush Contracting.
  • KalNorth Gold Mines Limited.
  • Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited.
  • Mulgabbie Mining Pty Ltd.
  • Murchison Resources Pty Ltd.
  • Dynamic Drill and Blast.
  • Goldfields NDT.
  • Topdrill.

Tourist Attractions

  • The Superpit: As one of Kalgoorlie’s premier attractions, the Superpit is a marvel of engineering. This open-cut gold mine offers a unique window into the world of mining and is a must-visit for those intrigued by the gold rush history.
  • Museum of the Goldfields: Embark on a journey through time and discover the rich tapestry of the goldfields region. From artifacts from the gold rush era to exhibits showcasing the local community’s evolution, this museum promises an enriching experience.
  • Hannans North Tourist Mine: Ever wondered what life was like beneath the surface? Dive into the depths of history with an underground mine tour and gain firsthand knowledge about the miner’s life.
  • Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre: Kickstart your exploration of Kalgoorlie here. Packed with resources, maps, and local insights, the visitor centre ensures you make the most of your time in the city.
  • Mount Charlotte Water Reservoir and Lookout: Elevate your Kalgoorlie experience, literally! Offering sweeping panoramic vistas of the city and its mesmerizing landscape, Mount Charlotte stands as a silent guardian and a must-visit spot for breathtaking views.

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